Elder's Encouragement

 September- 2018

A little unconventional encouragement by A.W. Tozer from the book “The Early Tozer: A Word in Season” chapter 26, “A Tribute to the Wife of Jesse”.

Jack Meehan


To the wife of Jesse the Bethlehemite,an obscure woman whose name we do not even know, the world owes a large debt of gratitude. She did us all a mighty favor, and then died, never dreaming that she had put an uncounted multitude of people under thanks to her forever.

When Samuel sought a king among the sons of Jesse, he rejected one after another of them till seven had passed by. Then he asked Jesse, “Are here all thy children?” Thanks to his wife, Jesse was able to answer, “There remaineth yet the youngest” (1 Samuel 16:11). Then little David stepped forward to become not only king, but the undisputed poet laureate of the kingdom of God.

We may thank God that Jesse's wife was not a modern woman with “advanced” ideas about the injustice of childbearing. What a sad loss it would have been to the world of believing men if she had balked at the hardships of a large family and had refused to bear that eighth boy!

It is evident from the record that David did not rate very high in the Jesse household. The birth of the seventh son was reason for congratulation, but David, who came along later, was unfortunately something of an anticlimax. The neighbors must have yawned and said, “Another one!” But it sometimes happens that way: nature experiments with the first seven and then comes forth with a David.

All Christendom has been enriched by the labors of Jesse's eighth son. The ancient goodwife, when she become the mother of David, became also the grandmother of the Twenty-third Psalm and of a host of other masterpieces of immortal hymnody. When the church sings, “The Lord's my Shepherd; I'll not want; He makes me down to lie,” it is paying unwitting tribute to the wife of Jesse as well as offering worship to the Lord Jesus Christ.

When our summons comes and the creeping chill has numbed our lips so that we are able only to whisper, “… within Thy house forever,” perhaps we can find a moment to remember gratefully a simple plain soul who once tried to do her duty by her generation. A little honest gratitude will be good for us, even in death.

Theresa PeckComment