Elder's Encouragement

If you read Nehemiah chapters 8 and 9 you find the people of Israel attending a worship service that they themselves asked to happen. They asked Ezra to bring out the Book of the Law and to read from it. So Ezra, being the Pastor he was, thought to himself, (according to Jack), “this might only happen once in my lifetime so let me make the most of it”. So he brought out the Book and read “from daybreak until noon”. Wow, now that’s a long service.


But in the verses that followed we can find several things about the people’s attitudes as they listened. Here are just a few.

All the people listened attentively.

When Ezra opened the Book the people all stood up.

When Ezra prayed before reading the people lifted their hands and said Amen.

They bowed their heads humbly worshiping as he read.

When they were taught something, they were obedient and did what the book said to do. They mourned over their past disobedience and repented.


October is Pastor appreciation month. I wonder if we could show our appreciation for Jason and Eric and Mel in any way more than to simply follow the example given to us in Scripture.


Jack Meehan


Theresa PeckComment