Elder's Encouragement

One of the great truths about our Bibles is that by the Old Testament we can understand some of the main revelations given to us in the New Testament.

For example what does Paul mean in Romans 3:23-24 when he uses the phrase “redemption that is in Christ Jesus”. What is this redemption that is in Christ Jesus?

Paul’s original readers would have immediately known he meant that Jesus was their “Goel”. That’s a Hebrew word which most of our English Bible versions translate “Kinsman-Redeemer”. By reading the Old Testament books of the law and the book of  Ruth we can discover what God through Paul intends for us to understand about our “Goel”, as his first readers did.

Jesus, our Goel, redeems us by being our closest relative who in our time of need comes and rescues us saying, “Have you got a burden (your sin). Let me bear it. Have you got a debt? Let me pay it as if it were my own. Have you got a problem? Give it to me and let me solve it. Have you got a need that you cannot possibly meet? Let me meet it.”

To understand the Bible we must read the whole book. July is a great time to start.

Jack Meehan


Theresa PeckComment