Elder's Encouragement

Once upon a time there was a lady who had a real problem with gossip. She knew it was not Christ-like to be a gossip so she went to her Pastor and ask for help. Being a wise man he said “I want you to go to the market and buy a freshly killed chicken with it’s feathers still on and return to me plucking the chicken as you go”. She thought “this is a strange assignment but I really want help so I will do it”, and she did just as the Pastor asked. Upon her return the Pastor said “Well done! You did just as I asked. Now here is the second part, go back and collect all the feathers”. She said “Oh Pastor there is a hard breeze today and the feathers are surely scattered everywhere”. The pastor said “And so are the words you speak as you whisper and they cannot be taken back”.
A Christian definition of gossiping is telling something about person #1 or his affairs, to person #2, true or not, that makes #2 think less highly of #1.
Proverbs says a gossip, or some versions call them whisperer, some talebearer, betrays confidence-11:13, separates close friends-16:28, can hurt people way down deep-18:8, and that the lack of a “whisperer” always calms things down-26.20.
I’m going to work hard this month, and from now on, at keeping my feathers contained.

Jack Meehan