Elder's Encouragement

July is the month, at least at the beginning, when we think of independence from taxation without representation. We may have still been Englanders if King George III would have listened to our complaints. But he would not. (Read 1Kings 12:1-16 for a similar story.) So after a long war we became who we are, free of his tyranny.  
    The Bible speaks a lot about freedom, but of a different kind. In John 8 & Romans 5 & 6 Jesus says we can be free of the slavery (tyranny) of sin because of what He did for us. Titus 3:1-8 and Galatians 5 tells us that by the renewal of the Holy Spirit we can be free from this world’s passions and attitudes. And Revelation 21 & 22 tells of a freedom like we have never experienced, and is still to come.
    During July let us be encouraged as we find our true God given freedoms in His word.

Jack Meehan