Elder's Encouragement

If you look at my arms you will notice that the left is far more scarred up than the right. Being old and retired and with little else to wonder about, I started wondering why. I’m right handed and do almost everything with my right hand, so it would seem that the right arm should carry the most scars. But as I thought it out I realized that whether building something or working on a car or whatever I was doing, it was the left arm that was always supporting the work, while the right did the work. The left held the alternator in place on my car while the right tightened the bolts. It was the left that held the board in place while the right nailed it. And sometimes the left arm had to get in some real tight places to support, which caused the scars, while the right remained free to work.

October is Pastor Appreciation month. We have some fine Pastors in Jason and Eric. They are our left arm. Let us do the work.  Hebrews 13:17-18

Jack Meehan