Love God. Love others. Serve.



A Christian Church:

We are a nondenominational fellowship of believers who have no creed but Christ, no book but the Bible and we wear no name but "Christian."  *We do not believe that we are the only Christians, but earnestly strive to be Christians only. 

A Bible Church:

We trace our roots back to a movement to establish, sustain, and grow simple New Testament Christianity.  We seek to speak where the Bible speaks and remain silent where the Bible is silent.  We take the Bible, and the Bible alone, as our only rule of faith and practice. 

Christ’s Church:

We believe that Christ, is the Head of His Church, and, therefore, every Christian is a part of His Body.  We follow the pattern of the original Church where salvation made you a member through baptism.  We do not impose upon people more than the Word of God asks to be a Christian, nor require less than the Word states.

A Family Church:

We are family-centered church with facilities and programs for all ages.  On Sunday mornings we have Sunday School for all ages (9:15 AM), Jr. Worship for pre-school - 3rd grade (10:30 AM) and an excellent nursery (9:15 - 11:45 AM).  On Sunday nights during the school year we have Life Groups for adults and WAG-LIFE for H.S. Students (5:30-7:30 PM). On Wednesday nights we have Children and Student ministry gatherings for 2th - 8th grades (6:15 -7:30 PM).

A Growing Church:

Christian fellowship and sound Bible teaching make Abilene FCC a warm and welcoming place to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.